Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SAR Rating

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SAR Rating

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SAR Rating

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SAR Rating

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SAR Rating radiation limits are dangerously close to the legal limit of 1.6W/kg set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States.

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The official Galaxy S6 Edge+ (Edge Plus) SAR rating stands at:

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Head SAR: 1.25W/kg

Galaxy S6 Edge+ Body SAR: 1.42W/kg

The Radio Frequency Safe Air-tube headset delivers crystal clear sound. It uses an air-filled wireless tube. This reduces the possibility of hazardous Radio Frequency radiation exposure reaching your brain.

Suppress high frequency Radio Frequency radiation from interacting with sensitive electronics and even a cell phone users body. Use our line of clamp-on ferrite suppressors. Our ferrite aims to shield potentially harmful electromagnetic fields from traveling along computers wires, electric wires and cell phone headsets wires that come in contact with your body.

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When a cell phone is attached to a belt, or in your pocket/purse radiation can penetrate the area near the cell phone handset. This radiant energy is absorbed much faster than at your head. Tissues and organs such as liver, kidneys and reproductive organs provide much better conductivity than the skull. Simply put most of your major organs don’t have the same bone protection as your brain. Avoid excessive microwave exposure to vital organs and/or fetal development when using your cell phone next to your body. Use a deflective barrier “Radio Frequency Safe Flip Case Shield” between you and the handset itself. Always keep the shielded “front” of the phone facing your body at all times.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus SAR Rating
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

SAR is an abbreviation for Specific Absorption Rate. It represents the maximum value of a measurement taken multiple times in lab conditions. Specifically, SAR is a measure of the strength of the electric and magnetic fields and power density of transmitters. At an operation of 300KHz to 100GHz frequencies. It is represented in watts per kilogram (W/kg). Learn more about the importance of SAR testing here.

Of course, you’re here because you’re informed about the dangers of cell phones and the potential cancer causing levels of radiation. One of the most prevalent cancers emitted by cell phones is brain cancer. This and other cell phone causing cancers can be prevented by using an RF Safe flip Cover Case in conjunction with an RF Safe AirTube Headset which can be further protected by an RF Safe Ferrite Bead. The good news is that you can protect yourself from cancer causing radiation emitted by cell phones with these and other devices.

source: Samsung