Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SAR Rating: Within Safe SAR Limits

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SAR Rating: Within Safe SAR Limits

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SAR Values

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 SAR rating has been officially revealed by Samsung in a filing with the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

The Galaxy Note 5 SAR radiation rating values are as follows:

Galaxy Note 5 Head SAR: 1.077W/kg

Galaxy Note 5 Body SAR: 1.138W/kg

Keep in mind that the legal SAR radiation limit for any phone is set at 1.6W/kg, and the Note 5 is considerably below those potentially dangerous levels.

It’s also worth noting that Samsung tests in conditions where the phone is held 1.5cm away from the body, so this is the type of usage that Samsung expects consumers to follow as well.

SAR is an abbreviation for Specific Absorption Rate, and it represents the maximum value of a measurement taken multiple times in lab conditions. Specifically, SAR is a measure of the strength of the electric and magnetic fields and power density of transmitters operating at 300KHz to 100GHz frequencies. It is represented in watts per kilogram (W/kg). Learn more about the importance of SAR testing here.

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source: Samsung