Right to Know Berkeley, CA Ordinance about Cell Phone Radiation

Right to Know Berkeley, CA Ordinance about Cell Phone Radiation

Right to Know

You Have a Right to Know

You have the Right to Know will become the new mantra in the battle for knowledge about cell phone radiation.

California is often the leader in the United States on governmental decisions. It is for this reason we applaud the Berkeley, CA “Right to Know” Cell Phone Radiation Awareness resolution.

The FCC (Federal Communication Commission) suggests distance with cell phone usage. You should keep the phone at a distance of 5 to 25 millimeters from your body, the true numbers of distance depends on the model but, generally, these distances should keep you relatively safe from harmful radio frequency exposure to a safer level. Remember, you have the Right to Know!

The new law states, “If you carry or use your phone in a pants or shirt pocket or tucked into a bra when the phone is ON and connected to a wireless network, you may exceed the federal guidelines for exposure to RF [radio frequency] radiation,” the Berkeley safety notice reads. “This potential risk is greater for children. Refer to the instructions in your phone or user manual for information about how to use your phone safely.”

The Berkeley city council voted unanimously with a 9-0 vote that the people have the “Right to Know” about the potential harm towards cell phone radiation for the particular phone they choose to use when making a purchase. The ordinance will make it mandatory that wireless retailers provide a warning to their customers regarding radiation exposure. From here on in cell phones which are sold in Berkeley will have a warning notice which touts the dangers of high radio frequency exposure. Berkeley is leading the way as the first city in the USA to pass an ordinance regarding cell phone radiation. San Francisco dissolved a similarly written ordinance after a 2 year battle in the courts with the CTIA (Cellular Telephone Industries Association).

Right To KnowThis law will make retailers responsible to let customers know about the dangers of carrying their phone in their pocket, bra or purse while it is turned on with a wireless network connection. They must tell them that this connection could leave them exposed to high Radio Frequency radiation.

The ordinance was drafted with help from a Law Professor from Harvard named Lawrence Lessig. It was presented to the Council by the city staff.

The opposition? Yep, you guessed it the CTIA Wireless Association. They claim that consumers would end up being too frightened by reading the information required by the FCC. It should also be mentioned that the FCC chairman just happened to be the CEO of the CTIA.

Radio frequency emitted by cell phones are absorbed by the human tissue. Unsubstantiated evidence concludes that contact with this type of radiation causes cancer to be just a step away. The Interphone, Hardell and the most recent conducted CERENAT studies have all shown a common risk to the increase of brain cancer!

Apple and other popular cell phone makers say that in order to avoid over excessive Radio Frequency radiation exposure your phone should be 5 to 10 millimeters away from your body. But, good luck trying to find the fine print about this issue as it’s usually buried deep inside the phones manuals or way down in the settings menus.

FACT: In May of 2011, the WHO’s IARC panel classified cell phone radiation as a Class 2B Carcinogen.

In the past lawmakers have tried to put forth ordinances that were similar In New Mexico, Maine and Hawaii, but the Berkeley ordinance would be the first to actually put this law into place.

In Pembroke Pines, FL, 2 years ago a decision was passed to alert citizens about the dangers of cancer and cell phone radiation. This decision was passed due to a Pembroke Pines citizen named Jimmy Gonzalez who brought up the subject of cell phone radiation and its link to cancers which just so happened to take his life on November 27, 2014. He had 3 different cancers which killed him and they were all caused by his cell phone use, hand, aorta and brain cancer. These cancers directly correspond to the places where he held his phone next to his body. Here is a video of his testimony.

A majority of 82% of Berkeley citizens want to be informed of the distance recommended as safe to hold a cell phone near your body, stated a survey which was funded by the California Brain Tumor Association. See the link and some text to the document below for official survey statistics which were submitted to the Meeting Agenda Item on Cell Phones.

29. Requiring Notice Concerning Carrying of Cell Phones; Adding BMC Chapter 9.96
From: City Manager
Recommendation: Adopt first reading of an Ordinance requiring cell phone retailers to provide a notice with each sale or lease concerning the carrying of cell phones, and adding Berkeley Municipal Code Chapter 9.96.

“We want you to know how whole families are destroyed by brain tumors,” said Marks as she addressed the Berkeley City Council.

The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Associaton legally challenged the measure, saying it violated its free speech rights.

Advocates for the Berkeley ordinance say they are prepared for a legal fight.

They’ve already enlisted the help of Harvard Law School’s Lawrence Lessig.  “This is not about telling people not to use cell phone. It’s just saying here’s the information you should know and make your own decision,” said Lessig, a constitutional law expert.

Of course, you’re here because you’re informed about the dangers of cell phones and the potential cancer causing levels of radiation. Brain and heart tumors and other cell phone causing cancers can be prevented by using an RF Safe flip Cover Case in conjunction with an RF Safe AirTube Headset which can be further protected by an RF Safe Ferrite Bead. The good news is that you can protect yourself from cancer causing radiation emitted by cell phones with these and other devices.