RF Safe Safety Package Review: Stay Safe

RF Safe Safety Package Review: Stay Safe

RF Safe Safety Package Review

RF Safe Safety Package Review

Radiation safety is often like driving a car, you use a blinker, seat belt, and headlights for a safe driving experience. With radiation you use shielding, distance, and knowledge. Here is our RF Safe Safety Package Review.

RF Safe has brought some very useful gear when it comes to protection against excessive RF radiation exposure. They currently only make a selected few iPhone and Samsung RF Anti-Radiation Smart Phone Case’s. An anonymous source says “they will be coming out with more shielding for more cases soon”.

In this article SARchecker.com will be picking apart the RF Safe Safety Custom Case Safety Package. This package is made up of three parts the RF Anti-Radiation Smart Phone Case, the RF Safe AirTube Headset, and RF Safe Ferrite Bead.

RF Safe Anti-Radiation Smart Phone Case

The RF Safe Anti-Radiation Smart Phone Case is no ordinary cell phone case. This case is a power house of the highest level of RF protection on the market. It gives a shield, like a bullet proof vest, between you and your device. This case deflects radiation away from your head or hand while using the case properly. The basic idea of the RF Anti-Radiation Smart Phone Case’s is, the RF shielding is on the front cover of the wallet style case, this shielding is put between you and your device. Shielding you from excessive exposure to RF radiation.

RF Safe AirTube Headset

The RF Safe AirTube Headset is another helpful gadget when trying to listen to music, or while making long phone calls. The hands free RF Safe AirTube Headset is designed to stop radiation at the speaker. Acting as a doctor’s stethoscope it projects sound to the ear bud. This allows distance between you and the RF radiation traveling through your wire. A standard headset would act more like a path for radiation to travel, sending the frequency straight to your brain.

RF Safe Ferrite Bead

The RF Safe Ferrite Bead is used to suppress RF traveling through wires that may come in contact with the body. Any wire coming from your phone acts as an antenna for radiation. Even though RF Safe AirTube Headset is safe at the ear bud, the wire still lays across the abdomen. Which is potentially more harmful to pregnant women.

RF Safe seems like they have it all figured out when it comes to radiation safety. They have top of the line phone accessories and EMF/RF Shielded apparel. Looks like RF Safe is doing their research. Are you?

Of course, you’re here because you’re informed about the dangers of cell phones and the potential cancer causing levels of radiation. One of the most prevalent cancers emitted by cell phones is brain cancer. This and other cell phone causing cancers can be prevented by using an RF Safe flip Cover Case in conjunction with an RF Safe AirTube Headset which can be further protected by an RF Safe Ferrite Bead. The good news is that you can protect yourself from cancer causing radiation emitted by cell phones with these and other devices.