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Radio Frequency Safe Flip Cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6


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Reduce radiation exposure from your cell phone in style! The radio frequency protection flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 protects you by providing shielding layers to the body parts that is most needed.

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Product Description

This flip cover for the Samsung Galaxy S6 utilizes an appropriate Radio Frequency protected flip cover design. The flip cover case provides safety when using your phone in almost any situation.

  • Get protected from radiation when carrying in a pocket or purse.
  • Get protected from radiation when texting with phone close to body.
  • Get protected from radiation even when at the ear.

This radiation protected smart phone custom flip case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 gives cell phone users the shielded protection where it matters most.

This brand new radio frequency safe Samsung Galaxy S6 flip case isn’t only about enhancing the look of a phone or being an important accessory for shielding the device. The flip cover case shields the most vital thing there is, the owners health. It reduces the amount of radiation absorbed into the head and body by the cell phone.

Most of the materials used in cell and smart phone devices are transparent to harmful radiation caused by microwaves. The microwave energy is absorbed into the user’s body in the closest proximity to the part of the body that the cell phone is being carried and used.

When using a phone with a heads free device or carrying it in your pocket the radiation energy is absorbed much quicker than at the head level, tissues and organs like the kidneys, reproductive organs, or the liver gives the owner infinitely better conductivity than the skull. In other words most of your major organs have limited bone protection as compared to the brain.

In order to protect from cell phone radiation the basic requirement is that it’s electrically conductive. The Samsung Galaxy S6 flip case is lined with a thin rubber foam which deflects harmful radiation away from the body.

Electromagnetic Materials Used for Radiation Protection

Radio Frequency Protected material is woven from polyester filaments with a mix of micro fiber conductive threads. The fabric is then mixed with a layer of CR foam rubber which keeps your phones display screens looking brand new while, at the same time, protecting from potentially harmful radiation.

1(b) The hypoallergenic silver plated radiation frequency protective mesh is placed around the ear-piece speaker hole to bypass the chances of all skin reactions to metal alloys which are typically used in radio frequency protective materials. We use a silver protective mesh that is an electrically conductive adhesive which is layered seamlessly with protective foam that are both in total compliance of EU Nickel Directive 94/27/EC.

The design deflects radiation from the Samsung Galaxy S6 smart phone

This flip cover case uses protective mechanisms that deflects and absorbs but it is not used to prevent affecting the software regulating radio frequency power output. It’s use is meant to absorb technologies on wires (Ferrite Beads), such as on an air-tube headset that is plugged into the phone, but not on the head-set.

This is How Electro-magnetic Radiation Protection Works

deflectElectro-magnetic radiation is made of coupled magnetic and electronic fields. The electronic field creates forces on the carriers of the charge (i.e. electrons) in the conductor. When the electronic field is adhered to the surface of a perfect conductor. An electronic current is included causing dislocation of the inside charge of the conductor cancelling the applied field inside. It is at this point that the current stops.

Likewise the magnetic fields create eddy currents which cancel the correlated magnetic field. (The conductor doesn’t react to static magnetic fields unless the conductor moves in relation to the magnetic field.) This results in electro-magnetic radiation are reflected from the surface of the conductor:

As shown in the above illustration the flip cover case protects the Samsung S6 from electro-magnetic radiation. Just keep the flip cover case between your body and the device. It doesn’t matter if it’s used next to your ear or if it’s carried in your pocket. Rest assured that you have the protection you need as the whole front of the phone deflects your body from potentially harmful radiation.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Radio Frequency Safe Flip Cover Case

  • Designed especially for the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Best protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • High quality hard shell case with precision cut outs for the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Accesses all buttons and ports on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Latch closes flip cover case with a magnet for the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • The flip cover case has an adjustable stand for multiple viewing angles. It’s also perfect for video chatting and watching movies on the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Comes with a slim fit design utilizing 1mm Peel-n-Shield™ which adds screen and radiation protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • Rest assured we have over a decade of experience and research providing the safest methods of reducing cell phone radiation exposure in one click for the Samsung Galaxy S6.

For more information about RF Safe’s product line for cell phone radiation safety, please call 1-844-4RF-SAFE (844-473-7233).

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