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Radio Frequency and Electro-Magnetic Field 360° Protected Men’s Boxer’s


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360° Radio Frequency Safe and Electro-Magnetic Field Protected Men’s Boxer’s. These briefs are fashionable, extremely comfortable and useful to boot. Supplying a 360° shield from Electro-Magnetism and Radio Frequency which has been shown to cause infertility in men, and to incur birth defects in children.

Protect those family jewels with these stylish Radio Frequency and Electro-Magnetic Protected Boxer’s now. Case studies have shown that when men who find themselves infertile it could be directly associated with where they pocket their cell-phone. Testicular cancer has been shown to have a link with Electro-Magnetic Fields and Radio Frequency.

These boxer’s supply the wearer a 360° shield to combat a plethora of harmful radiation in microwave and wireless technologies as well as cooking appliances. They’re constructed from 45% cotton, 35% silver fiber and 20% polyester. Built not only for shielding the body from harmful exposure to radiation but for the most in comfort too. With these radiation frequency safe boxer’s you’ll lower exposure to harmful radiation.

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