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Radiation Protection Package for the Apple iPhone 6S




Headset RadiationConventional Cell-Phone Headsets use a wire to drive sound to the earpiece and may also drive harmful electro-magnetic radiation directly to your head an into your ear.
RF Safe HeadsetThe Radio Frequency Safe Air-tube headset delivers stunning sound through an air filled tube which is wireless. This tube reduces the possibility of hazardous Radio Frequency radiation exposure from reaching your brain.

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Apple iPhone 6s Radiation Safety Package Includes

1) Radio Frequency Protective Air Tube Headset

We use an enhanced compartment making the sound as clear as a bell delivered through a tube which can be compared to a stethoscope. The tube is wireless and air filled. This makes the headset radio frequency safe. It is molded in a custom manner to provide the best acoustics, even the cord is radiation frequency safe. It’s available in mono (single) or stereo (dual). With a sleek design this technology has become the defacto standard for radiation free headsets. Whether it is used by a child, young adult or older this is the best way to stay free of electro-magnetic radiation. This is the best choice to replace the headset that is delivered with the Apple iPhone 6S.

2) Radio Frequency Secure Clamp On Ferrite Bead

This product features a radiation frequency clamp on ferrite bead. Normal cables or wires which are connected to devices such as cell phones, when not being shielded can discharge high levels of radiation frequency. The ferrite bead shields potentially dangerous electromagnetic fields which may travel from computer/electric wires and conventional cell phone headsets which can harm your body.

3) Radio Free Safe Flip Case Radiation Shield

cell_p4cell_p5When attaching a phone to your belt, pocket or purse the radiation can infiltrate the vicinity near the handset. Tissues and organs such as the liver, kidneys and your reproductive organs provide a better electrical current than the skull. Most of your major organs have no bones to protect them as does your brain, they’re vulnerable in that they’re simply tissues. The radiation protection flip case shield will deflect the unrestrained microwave exposure to your vital organs and fetal development tissues. Always keep the protected front of the phone facing your body, not the unprotected back.

Better Radio Frequency Safe… Than Sorry!

iPhone 6s Dimensions: 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm (5.44 x 2.64 x 0.27 in) 4.7 in Display
FCC measured iPhone 6 SAR: Head: 1.18W/kg Body: 1.18 W/kg Simultaneous Transmission: 1.58 W/kg

Additional information

Headset Style

Mono (Single Earbud), Stereo (Dual Earbud)

Headset Color

Black, Green, Purple, Red, White, Blue

Flip Case Color

Black, Bronze, Dark Pink, Pink, Sky Blue, White