HTC One M9 SAR Rating

HTC One M9 SAR Rating

HTC One M9 SAR rating

HTC One M9 SAR Rating: Verizon Model Edges Dangerously Close to Legal Limits

The HTC One M9 SAR rating is well within legal limits. It shows no reason for worry. No reason to worry that you might be exposed to high levels of radiation.

The HTC One M9 passed FCC certification. Where HTC declared the official SAR rating of the One M9: 0.89W/kg for simultaneous transmissions, well within legal limits.

HTC One M9 SAR rating
HTC One M9

However, the Verizon Wireless HTC One M9 SAR rating for their model has worryingly high transmission levels. The simultaneous transmission SAR rating is 1.44W/kg.

Simultaneous transmissions is when the value achieved with all connectivity options turned on at the same time. The legal limit is set way higher at 1.6W/kg, according to the United States FCC standard.

There are two additional key values to keep in mind when talking about HTC One M9 SAR ratings.

  • It’s 0.56W/kg for head use.
  • And 0.35W/kg when you use the phone near the body (for the non-Verizon models).

The Verizon Wireless version of the phone has a rating of:

  • 0.55W/kg for use near the head.
  • And 0.71W/kg near the body.

SAR, a measurement that stands for Specific Absorption Rate, shows the radiation level of a smartphone. Read more about it here.

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source: FCC