Cell Phone Cancer Link Found in Government Study

Cell Phone Cancer Link Found in Government Study

Cell phones cause brain and heart tumors according to a new government study

The Proof is Out Folks! Cell Phones do Cause Cancer

Cell phones cause cancer. Who knows how many decades mass media has been telling us that if we are concerned about cell phone radiation causing brain cancer we’re conspiracy theorists who are wearing a tin foil hat? Well, mass media, you can put those accusations to rest now as a hard evidence scientific study which was performed over a number of years by none other than the federal government has concluded that exposure to harmful microwave type radiation via cell phones does indeed cause brain cancer.

Here’s a link to the published report with the elongated title, “Report of Partial Findings from the National Toxicology Program Carcinogenesis Studies of Cell Phone Radiofrequency Radiation in Hsd: Sprague Dawley® SD rats (Whole Body Exposures)”.

The study used thousands of rodents, rats and mice, that were exposed to a lifetime of electromagnetic radiation and it shows some of the most profound evidence thus far that this kind of exposure is linked to the development of rare cancers of at least 2 cell types in the brains and in the hearts of rats.

The study’s researchers found that as the rats were exposed to larger concentrations of RF Radiation a greater amount of them established rare forms of brain and heart cancer which could not be explained. Some had glioma, a tumor of the glial cells in the brain; others showed schwannoma of the heart.  More concerns about the findings state that epidemiological tests of humans and exposure to cell phone radiation show that both types of tumors have also shown up. On the other hand the rats that were not exposed to the radiation did not develop those tumors.

This study which saw the same tumor types in rats as an earlier epidemiological study found in humans was a precise clinical trial. This trial was intended especially to mimic the same exposure to radiation as those of your average cell phone user. All parameters were measured securely and observed judiciously. The rats and mice in this study were exposed to the same types of RF Radiation used in cell phones for about 9 hours per day and sprinkled throughout the day.

Was there a government cover up? Indeed there was, but now, the cell phone industry cannot claim that the concern from the general public about cell phone radiation is “weird science”. This is proven science now. The new study shows a flawless quantity connection between contact to cell phone radiation and the growth of brain and heart tumors.

For years the government has vigorously collaborated with the cell phone industry to dismiss all proof relating cell phones to cancer. This is typical of the federal government. You’ve seen the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency try to soften the dangers of pesticides. The FDA, Food and Drug Administration, has tried to dispel the dangers of the drugs brought to us by Big Pharma. The CDC, Center for Disease Control has tried to get the public to believe in the safety of vaccines and the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture have conspired to get the general public to believe in the safety of GMO’s, genetically modified organisms. Yes, the federal government is just a shill, they’re nothing more than the science and marketing propaganda arm for corporations.

Media is controlled by the government and they’re ready to downplay any concerns from the general public on all levels. They’re quick to publicly display scientists as quacks if they speak out about the atrocities purported by the federal government. So, if you think and if you question mass media and the government you’re called a nut. Concerns about such public health issues as fluoride in our water and mercury in vaccines make you a quack, a tin hat wearer.

However, people are now waking up. The cat’s out of the bag. The government and mass media can no longer claim that there is no risk of cancer causing brain and heart tumors sparked by cell phone usage.  Real scientists now have proof to show that the public’s growing fear about cell phone use and other health issues are factual. Chalk one up for “We the People”. The CDC, in its ever-growing need to cover up the truth has pulled warnings about cell phone usage from their website.

The cell phone industry will now have to come clean about the dangers of cell phone usage. They’ve tried to engage the public in lies saying that cell phones are completely safe. They’re trying to block Berkeley’s decision about the “Right to Know” ordinance which would require retailers to let consumers know about how to properly handle cell phones.

Of course, you’re here because you’re informed about the dangers of cell phones and the potential cancer causing levels of radiation. Brain and heart tumors and other cell phone causing cancers can be prevented by using an RF Safe flip Cover Case in conjunction with an RF Safe AirTube Headset which can be further protected by an RF Safe Ferrite Bead. The good news is that you can protect yourself from cancer causing radiation emitted by cell phones with these and other devices.